Monday, December 20, 2010

Music instrument

Himachali songs are heart touching..two men playing the music with their musical instruments.

Wakeful Opinion.

Small girl lost in her thoughts while attending the function.


Goats and sheep's grazing..

Bus Stand view.

Womens blather  amongst each other, while they wait for the bus at the bus stop.


Beautiful sunset...this view attracted me to take a shoot, such views are very rare to witnessed.

Christ Church, shimla

Night view of Christ Church,The most prominent building on the Mall is the yellow Christ Church, reputed to be the second oldest church in northern India.

Incapacitated kids.

Two small kids at the local bus stand, counting the coins collected by them.These children move around day and night and beg for money.

NIght Billet.

Nigtht view of Shimla, Municipal Corporation is one of the oldest municipalities of India and has passed through many slings and arrows during its last one hundred and forty five years of existence

Ceremonial Occasion

Marriage ceremony going in the village of kumarsain,this ceremony depicts the culture of upper Himachal Pradesh.

Jovial morning.

 Early sunny  morning people taking a walk on popular  Ridge maidaan. In winters people sit in sun to beat the severe cold.Tourists visit this place to see the beauty.